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Programs and Resources

Salisbury Elementary provides the

following programs and services for grades Kindergarten through 6.

Classrooms are heterogeneously grouped with developmentally-appropriate practices emphasized.

Our facilitators use CKLA as their ELA resource.  The Science of Reading philosophy is used to help learners attain reading skills.

Eureka Math builds number sense and introduces learners to various ways to solve math problems.  Learners are encouraged to build thinking skills and explain the process they use to solve problems.

Learners attend one Specials class each day.  Art, Library, Music, Phys. Ed, and STEM specialists build learners skills in these areas.

Instrumental music instruction is available for learners in 4th, 5th & 6th grades. Learners also participate in Elementary Band and offer two performances each school year.

Extra-curricular opportunities for 5th and 6th graders include Orff & Drum, Chorus, and Girvin's Gardeners. 

Each grade level has dedicated times in their schedule for enrichment, intervention, and other academic supports.

Learners identified as Gifted are provided with extension and enrichment experiences through our Gifted program.

Educational assemblies and trips are provided throughout the year .

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